Eric Rippert

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Everyday Wants To Rule The World

2022 / Acrylic, enamel, oil, house paint, spray paint on canvas / 40x30 in. / Available

Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

2022 / Oil and acrylic on canvas / 24x18 in. / Available

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

2022 / Acrylic, oil, ink, graphite, charcoal on canvas / 40x30 in. / Available

Autumn Clouds & Algae Blooms

2022 / Acrylic, enamel, house paint, charcoal, graphite, shellac, colored pencil, spray paint on canvas / 20x20 in. / Available

Call It Fate, Call It Karma

2022 / Acrylic, oil stick, house paint, spray paint, charcoal, graphite on canvas / 30x40 in. / Available

Ghosts Of A Different Dream

2019 / Acrylic, house paint, enamel, shellac, spray paint on canvas / 20x20 in. / Private Collection

New Rose

2022 / Acrylic, oil, charcoal on canvas / 24x20 in. / Available

To Wish Impossible Things

2022 / Acrylic, oil stick, enamel, house paint, charcoal on canvas / 40x30 in. / Private Collection

This Time Tomorrow

2021 / Acrylic, oil stick, house paint, spray paint, charcoal, enamel on canvas / 24x24 in. / Available

Life And How To Live It

2019 / Acrylic, gesso, charcoal, enamel, house paint, spray paint, ink, gel medium on canvas / From the solo exhibition The Man Whose Head Expanded at BAYarts / 30x40 in. / Private Collection

The Man Whose Head Expanded

2018 / Acrylic, gesso, oil pastels, charcoal, house paint, enamel, gel medium, graphite on canvas / From the solo exhibition The Man Whose Head Expanded at BAYarts / 48x60 in. / Private Collection

Rain King

2018 / Acrylic, gesso, spray paint, charcoal on canvas / 18x24 in. / Private Collection

Emma II

2018 / Acrylic, gesso, latex on canvas / 18x24 in. / Private Collection

Man Head / Lion Body

2020 / Acrylic, gesso, enamel, spray paint on canvas / 18x24 in. / Private Collection

Universal Truths and Cycles

2019 / Acrylic, gesso, house paint, spray paint, oil stick on canvas / From the exhibition 2019 Biennial Juried Exhibition Ohio Arts Council / 20 x 26 in. / Available

Love Is The Drug

2020 / Acrylic, oil stick, enamel on canvas / 36x36 in. / Available

When You Sleep

2019 / Acrylic, gesso, house paint, spray paint, enamel, oil stick, charcoal, graphite on canvas / From the solo exhibition The Man Whose Head Expanded at BAYarts / From the exhibition Douglas Max Utter Selects at ARTneo / 48 x 60 in. / Private Collection

An Oceanscape From Literature

2021 / Oil stick, acrylic, charcoal, graphics, house paint, shellac on canvas / 30x40 in. / Available

An American Landscape From Memory

2020 / Acrylic, enamel, latex, shellac, charcoal, oil stick on canvas / 18x24 in. / Available

Another American Landscape From Memory

2020 / Acrylic, enamel, house paint, spray paint, charcoal, graphite, colored pencil on canvas / 16x20 in. / Available

WV Landscape From Memory

2019 / Acrylic, enamel, house paint, shellac on canvas / 18 x 24 in.  / Private Collection

So. Central Rain

2018 / Acrylic, gesso, charcoal, house paint, gel medium on canvas / From the solo exhibition The Man Whose Head Expanded at BAYarts / 30x40 in. / Available

The Modern Age

2020 / Acrylic paint and gesso on unique photograph / From the exhibition Waterloo Photography Invitational 2021 at Photocentric Gallery / 13 x 19 in. / Private Collection

Eric Rippert is a visual artist mining poignant personal imagery in order to trigger intuition while exploring the complex intersections of individual and collective memory.

Eric’s work resides in the permanent collections of Cleveland Museum of Art, Columbus Museum of Art, Progressive Art Collection and Cleveland Clinic Art Program. Exhibited internationally, Eric has had solo exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Progressive Art Collection, and Maria Neil Art Project, along with curated shows at Cleveland Museum of Art, Minnesota Center for Photography, Erie Art Museum, and Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary. He received his MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts and his BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. For years, Eric practiced commercial photography in New York before relocating to the Midwest where he taught photography at University of Akron, Oberlin College and Baldwin-Wallace University. Eric began to exhibit his paintings in 2016 with shows at American Greetings, Arc Gallery San Francisco, BAYarts, University Hospitals Triennial Invitational, CAN 18 Triennial, CAN 22 Triennial, the 2019 Biennial Juried Exhibition at Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, and Photocentric. Eric is headquartered at 78th Street Studios, Cleveland, Ohio.

Portrait by Chad Cochran

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