Eric Rippert

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Parting of the Sensory

2017 / acrylic, gesso, enamel, graphite, and ink on canvas / 40x50 in.

Twilight Campfighter

2017 / acrylic, gesso, charcoal, oil pastels, paint markers, and graphite on canvas / 40x50 in.

Mute Superstar

2017 / acrylic, gesso, ink, and graphite on canvas / 40x30 in.

Sideshow by the Seashore

2017 / acrylic, gesso, graphite, and colored pencil on canvas / 30x40 in.

What Goes On

2017 / acrylic, gesso, and graphite on canvas / 18x24 in.

Waiting Room

2017 / acrylic, gesso, and graphite on canvas / 18x24 in.

Ghost In You

2017 / acrylic, gesso, and graphite on canvas / 11x14 in.

Only Shallow

2017 / acrylic and gesso on canvas / 11x14 in.

Eric Rippert is a visual artist mining poignant personal imagery in order to trigger intuition while exploring the complex intersections of individual and collective memory.

Eric’s work resides in the permanent collections of Cleveland Museum of Art, Columbus Museum of Art, Progressive Art Collection and Cleveland Clinic Art Program. Exhibited internationally, Eric has had solo exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Progressive Art Collection, and Maria Neil Art Project, along with curated shows at Cleveland Museum of Art, Minnesota Center for Photography, Erie Art Museum, and Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary. He received his MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College of Fine Arts and his BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. For years, Eric practiced commercial photography in New York before relocating to the Midwest where he taught photography at University of Akron, Oberlin College and Baldwin-Wallace University. Eric is headquartered at 78th Street Studios, Cleveland, Ohio.

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